Saturday, July 31, 2010

3:58 am

After 10 ten dollars and 5 hours, Girl and I have made the best crafts of all time. My hands are covered in paint, my face in oil, and I absolutely hate staying up to the wee hour of the morning that it is now. But oh, how I love having a good time with my good friend.

There are none better than Girl and Girl.
War Eagle to that.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Well, today was a complete waste of time. As in, I completely wasted all of my time today... which is just so wonderful- except not really at all.
I'm realizing that I turn to procrastination to avoid not only things I don't want to do, but also, things I am afraid of (i.e. moving to Auburn). Therefore, the mess that I call my bedroom only grows, and the ENORMOUS "Pakcking Pile" of items I am going to take to college with me remains untouched and unorganized (and despite my father's claims, I really am a very organized person- I love grammar, for Pete's sake-- how could I not be?).

Ugh. I feel out of the entering freshman emotional loop. I keep seeing all these Facebook status updates about how excited all my friends are about moving away in ten days, and I'm just... not.
Oh, well. Nothin' I can do about that other than just go to college in ten days anyways.

Turning to a complete different leaf, I'm feeling more and more of a pull towards an English major (this leaf motivated by the Poetry section in Barnes and Noble this morning).
I'm very upset with myself because this VERY morning I had a little chat with myself about how I need to replace my internet time with time (FIRST OF ALL in God's Word and second of all) reading. I just love poetry, and books, and etc., and I want to know all about different authors, and eras of literature, and etc.. The problem is I just can't convince myself I'd be good enough at any of above to make it into a major, much less a career- and that's mostly because I never spend time reading, and instead, I do THIS!

On that note, I'll say goodbye.
To anyone stalking me enough to read my blog, please, keep the prayers coming. :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010


The title of this entry is the precise amount of days until I move into my Auburn dorm. Where THE HECK has the time gone?
So much to do. So much to do.

... and I am on the internet. What wonderful time management skills I have!

Twenty. Days.

Pray for me!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

ruthie's room: where the cool kids at

There aren't many things that are better than what is happening at this moment. Let me set the scene for you: DL: Ruthdog hopelessly attempts to clean her closet while Caroline and I listen to MAYBE a fourth of the words she endlessly rattles off (consisting mostly of stories she has already told us four times, about Austin the Female Deer or all of the 40-yr-old women she works with everyday, beginning with "This is a really funny story... actually, it's not," and concluding with Caroline commenting, "That was the worst story I've ever heard,"); UC: Caroline and I brush up on our internet stalking on two separate laptops, occasionally glancing over at each other's monitors to laugh at a youtube clip of unfathomable fat women dancing.
It's times like these that remind me how much I'm going to miss my sisters.

Ruth just pointed out that ever since we were little girls, we have often gravitated to her room to hang out and be goof balls. I love it. We're all so weird and hilarious, and I can't help but think that everyone should want to be one of us Jager girls. What's not to love, right? (For example, Ruth just shoved a let's just say SOILED pair of nike shorts in front of my face, demanding my poor little nose to "Smell this. Smell this. Smell this. Smell this..." and etc. until I obey... WHO DOESN'T LOVE THAT.) I love hating listening to Ruth tell the same story for the 5th time and relay absolutely POINTLESS information to me. I love hating Caroline's DRIVE-ME-CRAZY-ANNOYING-ARGUMENT-CRAVING-CONTROL-FREAK nags. Gin isn't even here, but she also wasn't for the first 7 years of my life when these Ruth's room gatherings began. Don't get me wrong, I'll miss Gin, too, but she'll get some other blog entry later...

It'll be weird to be weird without them. I laugh more with the two of them than anyone else, so I don't know who the heck is going to fill in the time-wasting cackle time we share.

What's weird about this particular entry, is that it is sounding so much more sappy than I am actually feeling right now. I guess, I just always end up writing that way- which is kind of annoying, but whatever... Right now, I just feel lazy, laid-back, and well entertained. And that's just what I'm going to miss next year, because even though those three components compose college, college doesn't come with my sisters.

... Thinking about it, there are totes-def-ABSOLUTELY-wayyyy better things than what is happening at this moment. But this kinda thing totes-def-ABSOLUTELY ranks up high.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

i'm baa-aaaaaack

Hello, hello.
If you read the one other post (see below) I have on here, you will see that it is dated in November 2009. As you read, you will find out that I was sentanced to a recliner in my room for 5 days straight due to sinus and nasal surgery, and this travesty produced a blog that I quickly forgot how to log onto once my poor little nose recovered. (DISCLAIMER: the surgery was NOT, repeat: NOT, reconstructive.)

Anywho, I've been legit wanting a blog for a while because I love to write, and I love to talk, and I love to waste my time on the internet, and if you ask me, that sounds like the perfect recipe for a blog. So, I trekked my little fingers into the deepest memories, files, and etc. of my laptop and figured out how to get back on this thing and gave it a new look for the greatest adventure of my life thus far: COLLEGE.

In only (approximately) 20-something days, I will move onto the rolling plains of Dixie, neath the sunkissed sky. I'm nervous, but excited (Zac Efron, SNL High School Musical 4). It just doesn't seem like I'll be quite ready in 20-something days, but in seeing that I have no choice but TO be ready in 20-something days, I suppose I will be... it's all in God's perfect timing; I just have to keep reminding myself that and praying that I will believe it. So, over the next 20-something days, you can read this here blog to watch me run around like a chicken with its head cut off in cyber space. And once 20-something days passes, you can read here to watch me conquer college and conquer the world.

So, please, enjoy my thoroughly uncreative and unoriginal blog title, as well as my thoroughly creative and original life as a freshman at Auburn University.

Goodnight and War Eagle,

Zac Efron couldn't have given me better advice about college. Everything I know and expect about it is in this video: