Tuesday, July 13, 2010

i'm baa-aaaaaack

Hello, hello.
If you read the one other post (see below) I have on here, you will see that it is dated in November 2009. As you read, you will find out that I was sentanced to a recliner in my room for 5 days straight due to sinus and nasal surgery, and this travesty produced a blog that I quickly forgot how to log onto once my poor little nose recovered. (DISCLAIMER: the surgery was NOT, repeat: NOT, reconstructive.)

Anywho, I've been legit wanting a blog for a while because I love to write, and I love to talk, and I love to waste my time on the internet, and if you ask me, that sounds like the perfect recipe for a blog. So, I trekked my little fingers into the deepest memories, files, and etc. of my laptop and figured out how to get back on this thing and gave it a new look for the greatest adventure of my life thus far: COLLEGE.

In only (approximately) 20-something days, I will move onto the rolling plains of Dixie, neath the sunkissed sky. I'm nervous, but excited (Zac Efron, SNL High School Musical 4). It just doesn't seem like I'll be quite ready in 20-something days, but in seeing that I have no choice but TO be ready in 20-something days, I suppose I will be... it's all in God's perfect timing; I just have to keep reminding myself that and praying that I will believe it. So, over the next 20-something days, you can read this here blog to watch me run around like a chicken with its head cut off in cyber space. And once 20-something days passes, you can read here to watch me conquer college and conquer the world.

So, please, enjoy my thoroughly uncreative and unoriginal blog title, as well as my thoroughly creative and original life as a freshman at Auburn University.

Goodnight and War Eagle,

Zac Efron couldn't have given me better advice about college. Everything I know and expect about it is in this video:


  1. So..

    #1: I'm obviously crossing the stalker line, here ...but...

    #2: That video you are referring to is simply hilarious. Required viewing in my classroom. But music majors are an exception....I sang in college everyday! (but def not at night alone in my bed, like Zefron.)

  2. Haha. I appreciate the stalking. I actually have some big news on that music ed. major note-- I'm not pursuing it anymore! I just don't think it's where the Lord wants me, and if I'm wrong... well, who wouldn't want to be in college at Auburn and extra year or so?!

  3. Rosie, I just pray you have a fabulous fall on the Plains, no matter what your "major" is. You'll be fabulous no matter what you teach :)