Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Well, today was a complete waste of time. As in, I completely wasted all of my time today... which is just so wonderful- except not really at all.
I'm realizing that I turn to procrastination to avoid not only things I don't want to do, but also, things I am afraid of (i.e. moving to Auburn). Therefore, the mess that I call my bedroom only grows, and the ENORMOUS "Pakcking Pile" of items I am going to take to college with me remains untouched and unorganized (and despite my father's claims, I really am a very organized person- I love grammar, for Pete's sake-- how could I not be?).

Ugh. I feel out of the entering freshman emotional loop. I keep seeing all these Facebook status updates about how excited all my friends are about moving away in ten days, and I'm just... not.
Oh, well. Nothin' I can do about that other than just go to college in ten days anyways.

Turning to a complete different leaf, I'm feeling more and more of a pull towards an English major (this leaf motivated by the Poetry section in Barnes and Noble this morning).
I'm very upset with myself because this VERY morning I had a little chat with myself about how I need to replace my internet time with time (FIRST OF ALL in God's Word and second of all) reading. I just love poetry, and books, and etc., and I want to know all about different authors, and eras of literature, and etc.. The problem is I just can't convince myself I'd be good enough at any of above to make it into a major, much less a career- and that's mostly because I never spend time reading, and instead, I do THIS!

On that note, I'll say goodbye.
To anyone stalking me enough to read my blog, please, keep the prayers coming. :)

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