Sunday, August 15, 2010


Tonight is my first night back in the ham. It's only been a week. I feel super lame for coming home, but just to clear the air: I have a doctor's appt. here tomorrow. Sittiing in my room makes me miss Auburn. I feel so inbetween and confused about where home is. Auburn ALMOST is, but not quite, but Birmingham just isn't the same after only a week away. It's like I'm homeless.

That's why I'm loving some of this:
"So let the most high God be like a home to you."
Psalm 91:9... nothing like the comfort of home in my Redeemer. :)

P.S. Day #2 of the squirrel life was even better than Day #1. God knows me SO STINKIN' WELL. Everything about Auburn tells me so.
It blows my mind.

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