Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Not my scene...

As hard as it is to remember, I am actually at Auburn University for an education. Today's lesson: Band Parties.

If I was interested in alcohol, maybe this first band party experience would have been fun-- but I'm not, and it wasn't. We (my roommate and I) left, and we may or may not ever go back to another one.

Conclusion of today's lesson: Band parties just aren't my scene... or our scene for that matter. Which is one of many reasons why I love my precious Leigh Ann.

So, anyone stalking this blog (so basically, I'm talking to no one right now), hook me up with the underground tunnel system in Auburn for the next time there is a band party.


  1. Hey, this is Julianne. I have read your last posts, and I gotta say, I TOTALLY agree with how you feel! I went to a Frat Party last Thurs. and I felt COMPLETELY out of my comfort zone... I hate to seem like a creeper, but I just wanted to let you know. :) Congrats on AGD, though!

  2. thinking about you today - hope all is well.