Thursday, September 30, 2010

Yes, I'm still alive.

The whole reason I made this blog was so that I could keep all of my addicted followers updated on my first year of college. Midterms are next week, and I haven't posted since before classes began. Thus said, I've failed miserably at carrying out my blog's purpose so far. I offer my sincerest apologies--especially to anyone reading to stay updated on the status of my life (Rosemary Jager is alive, despite the inactivity and reflection of death in her recent blogging habits.).

Well, now that I've convinced you that I'm not dead, I guess I'll get back to college life. At the present, creativity has taken a stance against me, so I hope you won't mind a sort of listing of my college activities. Good? Good... Where to begin? Well, when I was actually posting with frequency, I couldn't seem to stop my praises of Alpha Gamma Delta, so I guess we'll start there...

Alpha Gamma Delta is grand. I love my pledge class. I love squirrels. I love how God is already using Alpha Gam to shape me into a woman he wants me to be. I've made so many wonderful friends there already and know there are still so many more to make... I'm not very good at the whole going to swaps part of pledgeship, nor am I very good at the whole meeting boys part of being a freshman girl... Lately, I've been kind of sad that girls I've met don't know what their lives are worth to the Lord, and I want them to know how much he loves them, and I want them to want His love. Lately, I've also been kind of sad that I have the same problem... Next week is Initiation Week which means busy-busy fun-fun every minute of my life (with events like BIG-LITTLE REVELATION annnd my first FALL FORMAL Yayy!)... Overall, Alpha Gam is so grand, and everyday, God shows me more of a reason of why he placed me there. Our Bid Day shirts could not have been more true, "Could I have been any other than an Alpha Gam?" No.

Next topic?

The actual college of college (class) is average. My grades are good, I suppose. I'd like them to be a smidge higher here and there, but they are acceptable. All 16 hours of my classes are easy (shout out to, however I am not interested in pursuing any of them as a career/major. You see, until yesterday, I was under the impression that I was an official Undeclared major in the College of Liberal Arts. As it happens, I was still under Vocal Music Ed., and you and I both know that there is no way in heck I'm pursuing that major (not to mention, the fact that I'm not taking a single music course). So (as of yesterday), I (drumroll, please) officially declared myself an English Language Arts Ed. major... and I'm really excited... about taking English classes again in the fall of 2011... So, yeah. Core stinks. I do nothing I love anymore--ever. Singing, writing, making art, running really slowly, and etc.: all have disappeared from my life. CORE STINKS.

But moving past that...

Auburn Football just slaps a really big smile right on my silly freshman face.

Other than the above...

In general college is... good. Sometimes average (MLIA, so what can I say?), but on the upper side of average. Over the past 2 or 3 weeks, the new and glamourous version of college has faded away, and now, I've just got the version of plain, simple, and slightly clostrophobic. Life is less exciting, but still enjoyable. I'm becoming a little more vulnerable to homesickness. The emotional adjustment to college was incredibly more easy than I ever expected, but the time management adjustment, incredibly more hard (Prayer, please? Thanks).

In conclusion...

I never thought I would crave home-cooked pancakes, but I do with severity.

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  1. We are all glad your alive and Im sure thoes pancakes are going to be really super awesome when you finally get some.

    Dont get a tummy ache.