Sunday, October 31, 2010


Read about Kit Stallings's and my life away from facebook:

(This is where you click to do so.)

I'll return to this blog in ten days!
And in the mean time, I'm diggin some Song of Songs... but not in any weird way. In a really awesome God loves me so much for absolutely no reason, and I'm so thankful for his grace that makes Him see me as beautiful way. And because of this, I just love Jesus so much, too. :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Something I've noticed...

... people LOVE to be sarcastic about no one actually paying any attention to their blogs/life.

I, personally, would love to be sarcastic about the mass amounts of people who are obsessed with my blog/life... shoooott... It would also be nice to be able to be sarcastic about my mass amounts of humility and unselfishness I obtain... two things that may never happen.

Anyways, moral of the story: I'm self-absorbed and will be sarcastic no matter what. Now, read my blogs.

come one, come all

Basically, I have no idea what just influenced me to title this post what I did. It's a random line from the dramatic theatrical tear-jerker Charlotte's Web (One of the Members/narrators says it when describing the fair, for those of you wondering... Oh, so no one? okay, cool).

Anywho, I wanted all of the cyber world to know about the project that Kit and I began night before last.

Title: Life Is Worth More than Facebook
Goal: to experience the joys God offers to the facebook free life while learning to appreciate the quality of His creation and the shortness of our time
Blog so you can read about it:
Your part: follow it. tell yo kids. tell yo wives. we gon' find you, we gon find you. so you can run and tell that (= our blog/mission/etc.), run and tell that, run and tell that. Homeboy-Home-home-home-boy!

If you want to know what's up with my life, you'll have to pay attention to that for the next month cause I'll probably be posting there really often and maybe or maybe not here maybe or maybe not at all.

Plus, it just makes me happy when people are reading my blog posts. :)

I'd like to end with one of my favorite little songs:
God is so good.
God is so good.
God is so good.
He's so good to me.

Anybody here me? Amen? Amen.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

blessed assurance

Recent question: "When am I going to be able to gain control of my life again, and why is it such a disorganized mess right now?"

More recent answer: Never because I'm trying to have control.

Refocus: God is the boss. I am called to praise him. He gives me life. I surrender.

My confidence: His name.

With this outlook, my life will fall back into its place: His hands... and whatever it looks like there is what it should look like for now.

There my soul finds comfort.

Monday, October 4, 2010


So, I just learned how to look at my blog's "Stats," and I have wayyy more page views than I thought. I was expecting like 30 all time history, but it was definitely alot more than that.
I would like to thank all my stalkers out there and invite them back for tea.
This also made me feel a smidge guiltier for not posting for so long because everyone is apparently DYING to know about my life on the plains. I just don't know what they were doing with out my every thought.

Well, no worries, stalkers. I'm back to stay... of course I say that..................