Thursday, January 6, 2011


Tonight, I had a cup of coffee. There is usually nothing unusual (as usual things usually are not) about my wimpy blend of coffee, skim milk, and splenda, but tonight, a marvelous revelation accompanied my low cal dessert-in-a-mug. My revelation: my wimpy effort to gain energy enhances my wimpy effort to advance in creativity.

Tonight's cup lit a drive to restart two of my former creative advances: writing and photography.
Now, for my first go back at it...

Current facination: trains
I don't know really why... yet.... I just always hear them in Auburn, and I heard one very faintly today. They remind me of spending the night in Chelsea at the Byers or the Foresters when I was a little girl. I did ride on a dinner train once in Canada when I was younger, but I've never travel-traveled on one... nor do I really desire to. However, they have recently caught my attention, and I think they'd make for a good getting-back-into-writing starting point... and if I get back into photography, they'd make for great pictures, too (three cheers for originality, three more for blogging sarcasm).

Now, please enjoy this lovely song about trains called Train Song. (I especially love the harmony and more especially the story it tells. Not to mention, I wish I was Feist--what's not to love about a beautiful Canadian woman with a beautiful Canadian voice?):
Feist and Ben Gibbard - Train Song

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  1. Haha yay for coffee and writing - 2 of my favorite things :)