Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's like apple owns the pc world without even taking their money.

The cash that my father saved by not buying me a mac is easily made up for by the time I spend dealing with the not so luxurious characteristics of my ASUS. For example-- I was given NO warning whatsoever that my computer battery was low after it had been plugged into it's charger for 24+ hours, consequentially resulting in the loss of 1+ hours of work on a magnificent blog post reflecting on the year of 2010.

Now, I can't even enjoy the rewarding feeling of, "I just did something creative," because it may as well have never even happened.

I am Peeeee.Ohhhhh.'ed.

Guess no one will ever know what 2010 was like for me. Sucks to suck.
[Insert cliche sarcastic comment about how no one really reads this blog anyways.]

I'm a brat. I'm very grateful for even having a computer and for the kindness and generosity that my father employed in buying me one. Thanks, Dad.

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