Saturday, January 1, 2011

Where ASUS's Fail, Blogger Stands Strong

[The old title of this post was "HAPPY NEW YEAR YALL!"-- this will be important in a few sentances-- but after learning about the "draft" feature of blogger and some snuggling from Caroline, I decided the old title needed to change. Here goes my last and newly recovered post:]

'Ello, blogging world (or as my old and trusty blogging partner girlK would say, "Oh, hey.")!

I come to you once again with a cliche opener full of sarcasm about how much I know everyone has missed my blogging activity and faux promises to now and forever more blog more than I eat in hopes that no one will have to wonder if I am still alive.... I'd also like to make the side comment that I love the alliteration of "year" and "yall."
... Now that that's said and done-- so is 2010! And what a year it was... but really.

2010 was a freaking big year for me-- big enough at least to remember I have a blog that was supposed to be telling you all about it and big enough for me to dedicate a post to reflecting on it....

In one year, I have never grown up so much or realized how much growing up I still have to do. I'm not really sure, but I think that last year was the first year that I actually had to taste tiny bits of the real world... which makes me realize just how ridiculously blessed I am. 2010 started off with me playing out my childhood dreams on the stage of the BBB Auditorium and somewhere in between that and finishing my very first round of college finals, I stopped listening to Taylor Swift and started thinking about my future. Big stuff happened in 2010. The kind of stuff that happens to (I think) everyone (at least in the American dream buying middle-class of Americans) that people always remember. I went to my senior prom, I graduated from high school, I experienced the first death of a friend, I had my first real job, I moved away from my family, I started college, I pledged a sorority (I learned how to spell sorority), I had my first friend get engaged, and I realized that someday I actually will, too.

I'm growing up.
This was the first year my sisters and I didn't bother waiting at the top of the stairs before going to the living room Christmas morning (instead I fell down them and possibly cracked my coccyx)... but the thing is: that was perfectly fine. If I were still a kid, that would upset me... but it didn't. Why? Because I am closer to watching my own child wait on the stairs before rushing to see what Santa brought them as I am to the last time I did that (Partially owing to the fact that I decoded the Santa secret when I was four-years-old which was fifteen years ago, and fifteen years from now, I'll be freaking THIRTY-FOUR... this logic wouldn't necessarily be true if I bought into Santa as long as alot of kids do... and if my mother didn't tell me everyday to have my children when I'm young and not when alot of people do... So, after all that justification of my logic...)-- that's a really big realization, and realizing how much I have grown up, makes me realize just how much I still freaking have to go which quite frankly scares me a heck of a whole lot.

I'm writing this while I sit on (my 3 months away from twelve-years-old baby sister) Gin's bed. Her pale and soon to be painted over pink walls and long untouched American Girl dolls that echo the quiet beat of Taylor Swift's wisdom form the perfect environment for a way-too-cheesy reflection of growing up. In fact, the very inspiration for this blog came from my annoying efforts to assure her that, "PUBERTY DOES NOT HAVE TO BE LONELY!" I couldn't exactly explain how that reminded me to blog about 2010, but it did and her super messy, emotionally unstable bedroom does inspire me.

I love Gin (and if you recall, I did promise in an old post this summer to blog about her) and watching her be, as my mother calls her, a "walking PMS monster" ironically makes me realize how crazy wonderful God's plans for me are. My old and embarrassing seventh-grade journal recently reminded me that when I was Gin's age, I thought life was the worst; my all-alive and all-powerful God recently reminded me that whenever I think that, and I am always wrong, and that He is not only always right, but He is also always loving and sovereign. Gin probably thinks she is about to be done being a kid, just like I think right now-- we are probably both wrong. Again, I hate being so cheesy, but we are always God's children. He always has plans for us to grow.

I'm looking forward to the next 364 days of 2011. Reflecting on how much change happened in 2010 shows me how much change will happen in 2011. But God won't... and I just think that's really cool.

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