Thursday, March 24, 2011

Come Fly With Me

Brace yourself, blog-readers. Big news is coming your way.

Today (which happens to be my baby sister's twelfth birthday: marking the start of the last year of her numerical childhood), I was delighted to discover that Ol' Blue Eyes and I share a birthday. On December 12, 1915, the world welcomed my musical idol into its arms; seventy-six years following, it opened its hands up for me, too. I don't know how this fact managed to hide from the first nineteen years of my life. However, now that I know, from this year forward, I vow to listen to so much Frankie every December 12th. A voice this legendary not only deserves for my future pup to bear its name but also to be celebrated all day long at least once annually. So, on my birthday, don't whine if you don't like swing: it's Frank's day (as in Frank Sinatra and Frank my future dog because my dog will love Sinatra, too), and if you're one of the whiners, do skip out on my wedding reception-- I'm going to be sure that the live band (thanks ahead of time, Dad) knows all of my Frank favorites.
Oh, and one other important note on Sinatra: he never learned to sight read music but rather learned his music soley from hearing. Boom. Baller. Beast. This makes me feel much better about my inability to sight read music. I often think myself untalented because I lack this ability, however, no one can argue that the man Elton John said, "was simply the best - no one else even comes close," was untalented. So, though I'm nowhere near Sinatra, with this knowledge, I decided I can still think of myself as musical.

So, what have I been doing with my life other than listening to Frank Sinatra? Well, for starters, spring break was last week. My family stayed in Treasure Island on St. Pete Beach near Tampa. I had a wonderful, relaxing time. I saw no one I knew (who's last name wasn't Jager) as well as more snowbirds than I'd ever seen before. Our days consisted of nothing more (or really nothing less) than tanning (which for me means napping as I'm prone to falling asleep everytime I sit still) on the beautiful and unusually big beach until just before dinnertime when my sisters and I piled back into the hotel room and argued over shower times and mirror spaces. Once all four of us finished our primping, we piled into the luxurious royal blue (I like to think its color has everything to do with the potential of my family being secretively royal) Dodge Caravan (with automatic doors, opening only at the mere lift of a pointer-finger), ate dinner out, and retired to the suite for the rest of the night, only to repeat this schedule the next morning. Perfect.

I really enjoyed spending quality time with my family and forgetting about the world. Highlights of the trip that aided the previous are as follows:
1. Bern's Steak House (this is the only highlight I will elaborate on so immensely)
Words truly cannot describe; however, if I had to pick just one to try, it would be nothing less than fancy. If you ever have a chance to experience this unique, classy, and rather large hole in the wall, seize it. From the outside, Bern's looks like a giant concrete block just like any other on a street corner in Tampa; from the inside, Bern's looks like a vintage magazine clipping of high society's favorite Parisian inspired restau, circa 1920's, perfectly restored to its orginal beauty. The food is divine and fresher than any food I've ever had before-- literally: they have a private farm a few miles away where all approximately 900 meals per evening's ingredients originate. The wine is even better than the food... and one day I will be able to tell you about it, too, but not for another two years). Bern's has its own enormous wine cellar whose currently most expensive bottle will go for $30,000 (and no, I didn't add a couple extra 0's... and no, I will never be able to tell you about that one whether it's been two years or two hundred). My favorite part of the Bern's experience, though, is the Harry Waugh Dessert Room, housed at the top of a magnificent staircase in the back of the restaurant. The entire upper floor of Bern's makes up the dessert "room", which itself is made up of a maze of who knows how many private dessert booths where a separate server brings you the most exquisite desserts your heart could dream of. By this point in the evening, my young family was beginning to wear it's welcome, which made me think of how nice it would be to one day enjoy Bern's with my husband. If F. Scott Fitzgerald were writing the luxurized version of my life in a short story, this restaurant would without a doubt be my husband's and my favorite restaurant, and we would be Bern's favorite regular couple. Fitzgerald would write about the way we had a favorite server who knew exactly what we'd like before we ordered. Everytime we went, I would wear a new dress that I ordered from some European boutique, and my husband would look nothing less than absolutely dapper and debonarie in a suite that Fitzgerald wouldn't miss a detail of in describing.... Bern's is just so wonderfully romantic, and I'm determinded to not let my past visit be my last. It's my dad's very favorite restaurant, and I've decided that it is now mine, as well.

2. Yoder's Restaurant
Featured on Man vs. Food. Defeated by the Jager family. For a family that is five-sixths female, we love food entirely too much. I literally liked a plate (mostly to embarrass my mother-success- but also because it was that good).

3. JCrew Factory Store
... Need I say more?

It was a wonderful week, and now I am happily settled back in Auburn for only a mere less than 6 more weeks! Then SUMMER! War Eagle to that. The Best Is Yet to Come.

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