Monday, March 7, 2011

In the meantime,

I also wanted you to know about the blessing of a weekend I had.

As disappointing as this may be to some of you (Dad), I have not yet accomplished any form of a social life... So, don't think that's what I'm about to say....

Instead of doing that, I spent the majority of my weekend quietly recharging alone (three cheers for being introverted), and alas, I had the chance to be creative again and do things I love! YAYYY!

Saturday had no agenda whatsoever. It was magnificent. I don't even know what times the different parts of my day occurred but it went some leisurely way like this:
woke up
cleaned our room to sparkling spotless
ate lunch in the room
showered and threw on a tshirt
mosied (past tense spelling of mosey?) over to Wrapsody and J&M
mosied back to the room
painted, painted, modge-podged
bonded with the B-Tram
went to sleep

Could not have been more perfect.

I wouldn't consider myself artist, but I love to make art, and even more than I love to make art, I love to sing.
On Saturday, I combined both of the above for about five straight hours. There is no better therapy than doing what I was made to do. Such a blessing.

Happy birthday, Kathleen!!!

Happy birthday, Molly!!!
P.S. Molly LOVES flowers- as in she is a Horticulture major- so the verse reads, "... walk out into the fields and look at the wildflowers." (Matthew 6:28)

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