Sunday, May 15, 2011

Life Updates/Summer Plans (nothing exciting)

+Summer is here.
+I've spent the past week of my life having a wonderful time on RUF Summer Conference.
+I am now back in Birmingham for pretty much good.
+I've decided to change my major (again--round 5) to English, and my parents are thrilled (*sarcasm*).
+I THINK I'm working a week or two of good ol' Camp Briarwood overnight camp. (Waiting on phone calls that never arrive has become quite the trend in my life.)
+I will be nannying two precious little Vestavia girls for the majority of the summer like last year.
+Other summer events: lake next weekend with three wonderful old best friends, annual 4th of July beach trip with the fam-jam, CAROLINE AND JAMES'S WEDDING on July 23 (highlight of my summer!!!)
+I plan to spend so much time having exuberant amounts of fun with all my other Birmingham Aubs. (Example of exuberant fun: Impromptu dress-up party at the Morris house last night)
+Goal(s) of the summer: Be so creative my mind explodes.... Take pictures. Write (alot)--not just journaling and blogging, but writing short stories, poems, etc, etc-- the stuff I love and haven't done since senior year. Read a few of the classics that have been on my list for three years now. Finish the freaking Harry Potter series before the last premier. Be fashionable instead of lazy in my dress (I love fashion-- Nike shorts and oversized Greek tshirts are easy, but not me). Get to know the parts of Birmingham I love but never spend time in. Run even though it's freaking hot outside. Play tennis (also been on my list for three years). Paint the giant, blank canvas that has been hanging over my bed (... for three years). Learn to sew. Blog more, Facebook less. Make crafts for my dorm room. Lose the last few pounds I've been talking about losing (for three years). Dance more (I just learned I like to... as white as I may be). Immerse myself in (good) music. Learn to play the piano (--now this has been on my list for LIFE). Appreciate my family. Enjoy my friends. Love the people who don't fall into either category. Un-fickle my heart. Take one day at a time. Stop planning my future. Live freely in God's grace.

.... If all of the above happens, it will be a wonderful summer.

I'm in a profound writing mood, but I just don't have anything profound to say.... That always bothers me.


  1. Lovin' your posts, lil lady. There's nothing I enjoy more than reading a solid summer bucket list. I'm a recently-declared English major as well and my parents have not ceased to mock me since.

  2. I'm catching up on your blog because I slacked off on it for a while. Have a great summer!