Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Year Ago Today

Dear One-Year-Ago-Today Rosemary,
Today is your last Saturday in Birmingham before you move to Auburn.
Life's coming for ya. Hard and fast. All that you're afraid of, you're going to face. And there's nothing you can do about it. Now, this is really uncool and lame to admit while being a freshman, but freshman year won't be the best year of your life thus far; you're going for that again sophomore year. Freshman year is actually going to be just as hard as you're afraid it will be in all the ways you don't expect. But God won't let go. You'll survive it; He'll carry you through. He'll carry you to your 8 AM's when you can't find a reason to get out of bed in the morning. He'll carry you to RUF so He can hear you sing at least once a week--not because He needs that from you, but because He knows you need it to feel better. He'll carry you to His word when you can barely find the strength to open it. He'll carry you up 280 to remind you where home is. And he'll carry you into the arms of the people who will eventually make Auburn just that. God won't ever let go of you. He'll teach you. He'll teach you that you love writing, and art, and music even more than you thought before. He'll teach you that you're an even more terrible steward of your time than you thought before. He'll teach you that you have a big place in your heart for girls not much younger than you. He'll teach you that even though you think you can't live without whatever it is, you can and you will and you do. Because He'll teach you that He really IS all you need. and He really IS all that can satisfy. The countdown you keep from January 29th forward will not make it end any sooner, but you'll make it through your freshman year, I promise. You'll even blog to yourself about it a year from now while you go through freshman year's pictures, moving them to the Mac that Dad does finally decide to buy you in the end.
So, de-stress. You're as ready as you're gonna be.
... And on March 10th of your senior year, when you wrote that letter to your one-year-older self in Dr. Leonard's Bible class, you wrote that you hope you're more in love with the Lord than you ever have been before, and one-year-ago-today self, that only happened because you went to college.

Yours Truly and Literally,

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