Monday, August 1, 2011

The Place I Want to Be

(from left to right:) Megan, Caroline, Lacey (a.k.a. America), me, Shelby, and Anna
Showering in the rain. My newest favorite camp memory.
[Picture courtesy of the Rachel Conry's Facebook]
(This post will be heavy on the cheese. Sorry, I'm not sorry.)

You know, it sounds funny to say, but at the moment this picture was taken, I felt more of God's peace, joy, power, comfort, and redemption than I maybe ever have before.

It all started after free-swim, when Shelby and I went outside with some dish-washing soap to let our super smelly Chacos soak in in the rain. We just kind of stood on the back porch and looked out at the little piece of camp that was before us. The rain felt good and the thunder sounded playful. It was just one of those simple moments when you realize how strange the whole concept of the world really is. We live inside of a sphere that we are so small in comparison to, but that is even smaller in comparison to God. The God who was making thunder crash above us and water fall all around us. The God who thought up the concept of color. The God who is all that actually exists. The God that defeated evil and is wholly and purely good. This is the God who not only made us, but chooses to love us.
This is the God who washes us clean in His grace like rain.

Pretty soon, others came outside to join us and, before we knew it, we were soaking wet and asking a camper to bring us shampoo, conditioner, and body wash.

This was my 15th consecutive summer to go to Camp Briarwood.
When I was thirteen, Uncle Scott (basically Mr. Camp Briarwood) asked me why I thought all the counselors kept coming back? It's definitely not because of good food or fun activities. It's definitely not because YMCA Camp Chandler in Wetumpka, Alabama is beautiful.... So, why did I think they kept coming to work at Camp?

Well, it took me six years of working to really figure it out, but now I know.
There's not many people you can stand on a porch getting soaking wet with while simultaneously growing deeply into the Lord together, but I could do that with anyone at camp--counselor or camper.
And that's why. 
Camp Briarwood. It's the place I want to be.

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  1. Rosie, I love reading your Blog. You touch me every time I read it. You are gifted with your words and your love of God is inspiring.