Friday, November 11, 2011

"To Something and Not Away From"

Home is...
only telling Ruthie my secret.
singing duets with my iPod before all 90 miles of 280.
turning right by mailbox 346 and seeing red bricks lit up in the moonlight.
smelling what my house actually smells like for the first second I open the front door.
hearing my footsteps echo in the foyer.
seeing Mom jump up and down when I came in unannounced and unexpected.
enjoying a bowl of late night cereal like I'd just driven home from rehearsal.
letting Gin text from my cheapo phone.
watching Mom answer Dad's phone call like her crush is calling.
eating high-cal Christmas crunchies that Caroline created.
joking about healthiness to feel better about eating the Christmas crunchies.
sitting at the kitchen table and telling Mom all about [a] cute boysss.
showing off YouTube videos as if I have some credit to their existence.
scrolling through Pinterest to show Mom how much I need a puppy.
dropping my stuff right in front of my doorway, exactly where Mom prefers.
trying on my sister's new clothes.
snuggling up my chronically cold feet under layers of blankets in my big, empty bed.
resending ten times per text as TMobile will always be the worst and the cheapest.
leaving Ruthie's door open while she falls asleep before the rest of us.
listening to Caroline and her gurlies girl-talk down the hallway.
counting my blessings like I'm counting sheep.
waking up in a bed that feels more like a hug.
smelling fall and love and somehow Christmas all at the same time.
sipping coffee while my Mom and sisters run in ten different synchronized directions.
planning a day that won't go as planned.
knowing that today is simple enough for it not to matter.
staying in town later than planned to see Dad over dinner.

driving back to Auburn tonight because part of my heart is there now.
is there happily.
is there finally.
and doesn't want to leave forever, or even for an entire weekend.

I'm not home to run away.
I'm not home because I'm homesick.
I'm not home for an escape.
I'm not home because it's Auburn's fault.
I'm not home to solve a problem.

I'm not home because I need to be,
but because I want to be.... 

It's [finally] that simple.

**To better understand God's work in today's post, click HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE.**

***The title of this post is an excerpt from this pretty little song.***

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  1. Rosie. How I love you. I am so glad sophomore year is finally treating you right. Can we please hang out over the break(s)? I need some Rosemary wisdom in my life.