Saturday, February 4, 2012


Hey, hey, hey! I'm here! I promise!... In the back... 'scuse me... pardon me... Here!
Right here.

See! I told you I was still on Blogger! You just can't really see me all that well this semester.
This semester...

I am to this semester as a happy-meal kid is to the ball pit at McDonald's.
I'm having a BLAST jumping into and swimming around in the college life, but I am also a little overwhelmed with the all of the small and colorful components that make up the college ball pit.
Things like homework, cleaning my room, arriving on time to my commitments, and blogging are just really hard to do everyday.... I'm working on all that. They don't seem like a big deal, but... well, they're not really a big deal... but they're still hard.

So as I said, I am having a blast this semester.
Core. is. over.
I'm in three education classes and two English classes. I love being an English Education major. I love taking classes for my major. I love being interested in the material of the courses I'm taking.... Crazy, right?... It's all just a great feeling; I'm actually learning for once.
Now, all I have to do is get that GPA back where it belongs, and school will be the icing on my Auburn cupcake (...or should it actually be the cake... maybe that's where the GPA issues come into play?).

My schedule is busy, but that's much healthier for me than having nothing to do like last semester (which turned me into a lazy bum. so attractive.).
I go to my English classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, and I follow them up with personal training at the Student ACT. Monday night I tutor with Opelika Literacy Coalition (This is a component of one of my education classes called "Service Learning." I am tutoring people who are working on their GEDs. Please, pray for them and me in this experience!) and then go to RUF. Wednesday nights are reserved for Chapter, and Friday nights are reserved for the unreserved.
On Tuesday and Thursday, I go to my education classes. On these days, I also train (= run very slowly) for the HALF-MARATHON that Ruthie, Caroline, and I are running in April. On Tuesday nights, I am part of an RUF Fellowship Group, and on Thursday nights I have class.
Saturdays are different every weekend, and Sabbaths, I'm making a conscious effort to respect more than I have before. This means no homework or chores on Sundays, but fun reading with Stuart instead--only on Sundays though!
So, that's what my weeks look like! Mix in some Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and you've got Rosemary going to college!

In other news...

>>The Lord has blessed me with so many great new friendships over the course of my sophomore year, but as life has so quickly spiraled along, I've realized that keeping the old and refining the gold means being intentional with my time. Everyone is going in one-thousand, wonderful directions. We must learn to keep up with each other now while we're all still in the same city. (If you want to hear a song to make you appreciate your best friends and maybe make you cry, click here.)

>>I can't wait to be a teacher... and I'll reserve that for another promised and eventual post of its own. While you're waiting, be praying for my future.

>>Christmas break was wonderful (well, other than the mononucleosis). I loved spending time with my sisters and parents and just being home. I also had the opportunity to earn some money, which is always helpful for a college kid.

>>I'm going to the beach with friends for SB12. Wooooooo hooooo! Gonna be fun.

>>And I'm staying in Auburn for (at least half of) the summer for class. I'm not behind, but to graduate in four years with my major, it was either summer school or nineteen-hour semesters.... Summer school it was because I am NOT being a student longer than I have to--I want students of my own. I'm actually pretty excited about being here this summer! I'm hoping to find a nannying job (*passive aggressive hint-hint* slash HIRE ME! I WILL LOVE YOUR CHILDREN!), and I'll probably keep up the personal training sessions at the ACT to force myself into healthiness.... Oh, and not to mention I'll have access to the Creekside pool. Wuddup.... This summer is going to be great.

... That's all I got for now, friends. If there's a part of my life I didn't mention, but that you'd like to know about, let me know. I'll let you know!

And now for some iPhone/Instagram photos to further fill you in on the parts of Rosemary going to college that you've missed over the past little while**...
This goes all the way back to early October.
I helped pretty up this pretty gurly for her
homecoming dance. Isn't she fioneee?
(L to R:) HANNAH is a wonderful, dancing Vestavian who shares
my major and is making sure I graduate from college;
SALLY CLAIRE is from the Gump and is also one of the
nicest people I have ever met. I don't think she has ever been
in a bad mood for more than seven seconds.
LEIGH ANN... um. DUH. Roomies since freshman year.
If you read this blog, YOU SHOULD KNOW who the Annimal is.
If you don't: find. out.
... This is a picture of us at Fall Formal (in October). We love Christmas.
I HAVE LITTLES (and have had them since October)!!!
These are other people I definitely should've told you about.
MADELYN is in orange, and NATALIE is in red.
They make Alpha Gam that much more wonderful.
I love them very, very much.
Claire is the greatest.
I could go on and on about how much of a blessing she has been
this school year (and since we became friends approximately
five and a half years ago). This is a picture of us (in October) at the
It was the best concert I've ever seen experienced in my
whole entire life. There are no words.
... Ruthdog and Cehdedine (Caroline) came, too!
This is a picture from the weekend after the Fleet Foxes concert
when we went back to the Alabama Theatre to see The Civil Wars.
Happy (really late) 16th birthday to Caroline!
Christmas Cocktail!
Stuart's first Alpha Gamma Delta event
We had two Christmas trees this year. One of them was Dad's.
This was dad's tree-topper. The rest of the tree matched.
... War eagle.
Stuart came to visit me in Birmingham one time over the break!
I mean... don't be too grossed out.
Little-Medium-Big Spoons reunited!
I'm hoping to work a week of Jr. High Camp
with these two favorites again this summer!
Anderson (Mom's side) Christmas.
Nothing less than chaos, calories, and love.
Dad spent the entire holiday season torturing
Ruthie's gingerbread man friend.
He will never grow up, but that's why he's fun(ish).
The Jager gurlies got manicures on Christmas eve!
Christmas Eve: Nativity-themed Skype date?
(I mean, not really, but I think the picture is funny.)
Gin is a hipster.
The Jager gurlies took a trip to Lenox in ATL before going to
the Chic-fil-A Bowl on New Year's Eve!
(This picture is hilarious. #awkwardfamilyphotos)
Dad and Mr. Long got a beer bath from the upper deck during
the Chick-fil-A Bowl.
The morning after the game, the fam-jam paid
a visit to the Georgia Aquarium.
I discovered that fish bore me.
BUT THEN we went to the World of Coca-Cola!
Ruthie and I tried LITERALLY every flavor there.
That's 64ish nasty flavors of foreign Coke products.
gurlies and Coca-Cola polar bear
I did my Pre-Teaching Experience over the break.
Again, a post for another day, but SO WONDERFUL.
I learned so much in this classroom.
My books for my English classes this semester.
American Lit II > Brit Lit II
I heart Annimal!!!!!
Stuart came to pick me up one morning for a visit to
Birmingham, and we matched.
A little embarrassing, so naturally, I Instagrammed it.
Remember what I said about having trouble
cleaning my room?
Well, we got ready for our Aspen in Auburn social...
but watched Planet Earth instead!
This is the worst 456's dishes have ever been.
No clean cups, bowls, or utensils.

I love PB, honey, and banana sandwiches,
but DO NOT love food in Auburn.
I love Auburn.
I love Auburn.

**Sorry, for the somewhat excessive amount of Stuart.... If you throw up or anything: my bad.


  1. i just threw up a little. hehe

  2. OH. This might be my favorite post you have ever done! Also, I still have that book you won. I will get it to you somehow. I promise. I love this post. Have I mentioned I love this post? LOVE IT.

    1. hahaha thanks!! your comment cracks me up! so glad you love it! :) miss you!