Friday, April 20, 2012

The Fantastic Voyage

Let's see if I remember how to do this....

I write. I promise to keep writing. (I narcissistically post my post to Facebook.) You read. I don't post for days. You don't care at all. I don't post for weeks. You wonder if Rosemary still goes to college. I don't post for months. You plan my funeral, divide up my junk, and begin to lower my Blogger account six feet under when, out of absolutely nowhere, I pop another post up and remind you that I'M STILL ALIVE AND WHAT THE HECK DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING PUTTING MY BLOG IN A COFFIN?!

Is that how it works?

Actually--WHO CARES?! Just go with it and pull my blog back out of the dirt. 
Rosemary DOES still go to college so the blog's not. over. yet. folks.
I'm sorry if that disappoints you. You really don't have to read it.... You may also have it read aloud to you, or, if you insist, I will video record myself reenacting the events I write about. The parts of my blog that are just my thoughts would probably be really boring, but I'd do it for YOU, anonymous reader! ANYTHING for you.

If I don't recall, this blog is designed to resemble the internet-appropriate timeline of my life in college. In order to utilized this design, I suppose I should update you on that... So, here goes:

Nothing has changed.

... BAHAHA! OH, the jokes! Full of em these days.
But really. 

In all reality, nothing has drastically changed in my life this semester. It's been crazy though. A lot has been going on inside of me... outside of me... upside of me... and downside of me. Just everywhere.

This semester, my body formed a mutiny against me. But not just any mutiny. This mutiny was strong enough to take down not only the Titanic but also the Fantastic Voyage.... Yes. THAT STRONG.
The mutiny kicked it off with mononucleosis, and followed through with a terrible medication, a mono-relapse, undiagnosed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (the doctor says the fatigue "could last for about a year, but you'll be fine." Wonderful! Luuvvv that more than ponies.), and a car accident to take home to gold. (I'm fine. Don't worry about it, just praise the Lord.)

Basically, between illness and side-effects of medication, I turned into a metaphorical emotional train-wreck (not to be confused with the literal Easter Sunday car-wreck). This prompted more than an acceptable amount of spiritual, physical, and academic apathy in my life. But I've been dealing with it. And it (all of the above) has been getting a lot better lately.... So that's been the majority of my semester, and that's all I want to say about that. I'm finally learning the technique of filtering my internet publications, and I'm fully prepared to sacrifice a few page-views for the skill.

Other semester side-notes:
-I'm NOT staying in Auburn this summer, but I'm working at CAMP DESOTO!!! There are not words for how excited I am to have this opportunity and blessing! I can't wait to see the wonders God has in store for me there! I'm POSITIVE I'll blog on it later.

-My favorite things I read for class this semester (British then American--still in survey classes this semester): Wordsworth's "Lines Written a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey" (shout out to Nicole Conrad!), E.B. Browning--everything in the anthology that we didn't read in class (another shout out to Conrad!), Stevenson's The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, (an excerpt of but planning to finish) Moore's and Lloyd's V for Vendetta, Eliot's "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" (Conrad! Conrad!), Miller's Death of a Salesman, O'Connor's "A Good Man is Hard to Find" (Mrs. Margene gets credit for this one.), Morrison's "Recitatif" (I registered for another class with my American Lit. professor after her lecture on that one. She loves Morrison.), and the movie The Namesake

-Next semester, I'm registered for Studies in Poetry, Intro to Creative Writing, Survey of African American Lit, and two English Education classes! I'm excited.

So what else do you want to know about my life of late?

Let's see. We last left off with Valentine's Day. (Oh my gosh. That was so long ago!) What's happened since then?.... Waaiiittttt. Is is picture list time?? I think sOoOoOooOOoooOOOooOoOo!!!
Two days after Valentine's Day,
Alpha Gam had a Valentine's Day social with ADPi!
These are three of my favorite lion friends. <> :)
(Emily L, Marykathryn, Emily C, yours truly)

RUF Winter Conference was at the end of February!
It was a wonderful time of fun and fellowship.
This is a picture of Girl and I in front of the waterfall*.
*waterfall not pictured
I have continued to love living with my
geedy roommates.
(Briarwood's 2012 Drama Seniors!
Margan, Ruthdog, Brooks, Caroline, Branch--my babies!
[Disclaimer*: Ruthie hates this picture of herself.]
Y'ALL. Ruthie performed in her last Lee Eady Production!
Where the HECK has the time gone? It was only yesterday
that I was bawling my eyes out during my last curtain call!
Anyways, I was super proud of her and will miss listening
to her sing her heart out in the BBB.
[*Disclaimer Disclaimer: I don't care.]) 
I went to St. Augustine, Florida
with a wonderful group of
This is a view from the condo's porch. #perfect
An adorable restaurant in St. Augustine looking even
more adorable through an Instagram filter. 
I learned how to make "homemade" doughnuts! 
Roommie Love

We had a 3-night-long sleepover, and she tasted her future.
We had a mini-THIRTEENTH (I'm crying.) birthday party for her:
Five Guys, painting, Five Guys, shopping, cupcake. Her dream.
Gin with her 13th birthday cupcake...
I CANNOT believe she is a TEENAGER!
My squirrel family. :)
I love them so.
(Ignore how rough I look, por favor.)

We took pictures for our
Couples Friends' Black <> Formal!
This one is particularly awkward.
For our 6-month-a-dating-aversary,
Stuart took me on a picnic at Town Creek Park!
(We went there on our first date, too.)
He had some trouble keeping his eyes open for the flash.

Stuart also met the majority of the Anderson clan.
Bless his soul.
Then we took this great Instagrammed picture in Papa's yard.

Girl wrote a HILARIOUS and touching account of Clark's life. 

Remember that car wreck?

This is my favorite dancin' grandma.

Harls and I made our 2nd annual
Chapter Visits. I laugh more with Harley
than with most everyone else in humanity.
LOVE and ADORE her.
I helped this pretty girl get ready for her
formal adventure!
Pretty Pandas

sweet best friends

Just enjoying spring on Samford Lawn :)
I did not accompany this to Rodeo.
And just last night, Emily (in the middle) turned 21!
We had a super fun birthday party!
This is me, Emily, and Cecilia dancin' to TaySway.

... Until next time.

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