Monday, June 18, 2012

Joyful Noises

Singing. Lots and lots of beautiful singing. Little voices, big voices. All sweet, darling girl voices. Mostly southern voices. Silly songs. Simple songs. So many praiseful songs ("O Law’, Honey, ain’t this a praiseful thing," -Phil Hurt quoting a poet I can't remember). Julibate Deo, Jubilate Deo, Hallelujah.

Giggles and giggles and giggles all the live long day. My personal favorite time to listen for them is on a short walk down Hut Row in between Night Activity and Taps. Something about the darkness, katydids, and ribbits makes those giggles one of the "goodest" most praiseful things I've ever heard.

Rain drops bombing tin roofs.

The "swafp" of an arrow hitting bullseye.

Crunching gravel underneath uncountable Chacos.

Slamming screened doors.

"Okay, y'all...."




and the occasional (faux) British vernacular.

... at least that's what the first 17 days of First Term have sounded like to me.

The Brow

Lightening Bugs

My Cabin 15 Home

Cabin 15

Sunday Night Hamburger Picnic

Tutta: the Best Co-Counselor Everrr

My Original DeSoto Girl

14th Birthday Balloons in Cabin 15

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