Thursday, August 8, 2013

With the Summer

"I had a familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer."
-F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

I think it has.
I flipped through my pictures of this summer in iPhoto earlier tonight, and I suddenly realized that it has been wonderful.

On the first day of summer classes, I was bummed out (You can just ask Stuart Spooner. I was super nice to him that day.), but as always, the Lord has done something wonderful.
My summer went just as planned: I finished 12 hours. I danced at a lot of weddings.
But the experience was so much better than I thought it could be.

It's been good to just be.

... I kicked summer off at RUF Summer Conference, an incredible week of teaching and fellowship.

... Then, as I said, I finished 12 hours of classes.
First mini-mester, I finished two classes and started another. Second mini-mester, I finished the class I started during first mini-mest, and took another class along side it. I now only have one semester of classes left before my internship (full-time student-teaching this spring).

... Stuart lived with my family this summer. People ask me how that's been, and the answer to that question is funny and difficult and good. I've seen my family a lot more with him there, I think, so that's been great... but I'm pretty ready for him to come back to Auburn "permanently" before he leaves for D.C. in early September (a post for another day).

... Ruthie moved in with me mid-May. We have fun. She wears a cat-mask around the house. We did a Whole30 together. She has now reminded me that frozen pizza is really good. I'm, therefore, thinking I need to get back in that Whole30 ship soon before I drown in Sonic milkshakes. I've been kind of a hermit with her in Creekside, and my introverted self has loved and needed it.

... The summer's not quite over yet, but thus far, the best weekend of it all was hands-down the Moore Wedding Weekend. Tyler and Emily (Mr. and Mrs. Moore) brought God so much glory. I doubt the next few weeks will top that. It was one of the best times with friends I've ever had.

... Most recently, the Jager clan has returned home from a beach vacation. It was a good time as filled with laughter and tanning oil and the outlet mall as always. Having sisters is fun.

Now, all that's left is 10 days of my last time through rush, and then, classes start on August 21.
Only 14 days left of summer. Let's make 'em as great as the last 91.

{Summer Slideshow}
RUF Summer Conference with
Julie (wayfarers), Kit (stripes), Sarah (aviators), & Molly (black shirt)
Sarah and Ben Waller's wedding in Anniston, AL
with Kylie, Anna Marie, Marie, Emily M, Emily L, and Kit
Dancin' in the moonlight at the Waller Wedding
Caroline graduated from Briarwood and is headed to
Auburn at last!
Yummy Whole30 food made by Stuart & Rosie
Stuart and I made a Summer To-Do list,
and then he unexpectedly moved to Birmingham.
We've knocked off about 8/30 items so far,
one of them being a Sno-Biz date.
We had family pictures made on Samford Lawn and surprised
Dad with them for Father's Day.
At Stevi and Kyle Shaw's wedding!
The Rehearsal Dinner of Mr. and Mrs. James Tyler Moore
The most beautiful bride!
The most handsome groomsmen.
4th of July Instagram selfie
We celebrated with friends in Atlanta, GA.
Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-A
We brought Ruthie, the purple cow, and we may have enjoyed
a free meal at one Chick-fil-A and free milkshakes at another.
Ruthie and I sang the National Anthem at a Birmingham Baron's game.
Another Summer To-Do list item:
Toomer's Date.
(and yes, a majority of our items do include eating)
Beach Reading Selfie. See this post.

Dad and his girls

... 14 more days for life to continue beginning again.

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