Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Closing Remarks

After five years of existing on the outer skirts of the blogging community, I've observed that blogging gives all writers of all backgrounds an unusual urge to say something profound. The most profound thing I'll say in this blog is the last sentence of this post.

I remember making this blog. I was only seventeen, and it went by a different name then. I don't remember what it was. Honestly, I don't much remember how to write either. When I was seventeen, that would have sent me into panic-mode. I'm not worried today. There will always be words, and I will always have truth.

Since I was seventeen, this blog has barely seen me through an undergraduate degree--barely did it see me, and barely did I see my degree. This blog saw too much of my freshman year and too little of the others. When I was seventeen, few things made me feel so safe, as did writing. During my freshman year, I wrote to find safety. Slowly, I found it elsewhere. I stopped blogging, but I didn't stop writing. I wrote in my classes. I watched words become suddenly unsafe. Writing could no longer be a haven. Not to me. Words were too dangerous.  I subconsciously thought it best to avoid a place where I, as writer, would feel the need to say profound words.

But today, I've again taken on the unexplainably pensive, first-person voice of the Rosemary who Went to College. I've begun to start the occasional sentence with a conjunction. Parallelism and repetition are freckling my computer screen. And, again, I'm telling you about what it was like for Rosemary to Go to College.

This is the last time I'll blog about everything that came with my fight for a bachelor's degree. At least, it is here. I actually feel silly writing. In college, I learned one should always be less vulnerable on the internet and more vulnerable in relationships. This post seems opposite that, but I still think it's important that I write a few profound things before I go. (My theory on bloggers persists.)

So, here it is. This is all I've ever wanted to say on this blog. This is the reason I began writing it. This is how I fought through the danger of words and into the safety of truth. This is why Rosemary Went to College, and how I finished. Behind all that's happened since I left my hometown for college, I have constantly been convinced of something I've always known. Are you ready, because I've really rhetorically built-up to this point of my blog where I say something profound? Okay...


Yes, the "Sunday School Answer", the "Christian School Answer", the "Goody-Two Shoes Answer", and the answer to all my sin. 

The only thing I want anyone to learn about me from reading this blog is this: I am a sinner, and I am saved by grace.

So, by God's grace, Rosemary Went to College, and by His grace alone, she finished. 

Cheers to closed chapters, new adventures, and truth. 

I'll see you all in our nation's capitol. Look for the southern girl with a new last name. 

Soli Deo gloria.

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  1. There are no words that are adequate to tell you what I'm feeling or how much I love this post! Thank you for sharing your heart, your thoughts and your "Rosemary" and that that encompasses! I cannot wait to read your next post…I'm sure it will out do all of the others!